Use Microsoft Flow to Create a Contact from a SharePoint List

Microsoft Flow can be used to migrate data between SharePoint online and Dynamics 365. This tutorial assumes you have an instance of Dynamics 365 (online) and an instance of SharePoint online hosted on Azure. If you do not, sign up for a free trial of Dynamics 365 for development purposes at

  1. First create a custom list in SharePoint online.
  2. In the Create List form, name the new list, Contact

  3. Rename the Title field to Email Address.  Click on the gear icon and then select List settings.
  4. In the Columns section click on the Title column.
  5. Change the Column name to Email Address.
  6. Add two new columns for First Name and Last Name.
  7. Now that the SharePoint list is setup, click on app launcher in the upper-left corner.
  8. In the list of Apps, click on Flow
  9. On the My Flows page, click on Create from blank
  10. Find and click on the trigger for SharePoint with the label, “When an item is created
  11. In the Flow interface, click on the down arrow in the Site Address field and if your SharePoint site doesn’t appear in the list, choose Enter custom value

  12. Click on the down arrow in the List Name field and the Contact list should be listed.

  13. Click on the New step button and click on Add an action

  14. Use the search field to find Dynamics 365 and click on the action labeled, “Create a new record

  15. Click on the down arrow on the Organization Name field, choose the Dynamics 365 organization.

  16. In the Entity Name field, let the list of entities load and select the Contacts entity.
  17. Match the entity fields with the SharePoint Contact list fields.  Click on the Last Name field and then use the search to find the SharePoint Contact Last Name field.

  18. Repeat this for the First Name and Email fields.
  19. Click on the Create flow button.

  20. Once saved, click on My Flows at the top and confirm the Flow is enabled.
  21. Go back to SharePoint and add new Contact to the list.
  22. Once saved, the Flow may take a couple minutes to execute.  Go to Dynamics 365, open the Contacts entity and confirm the new record was created.

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