Use Microsoft Flow to Conditionally Update a Contact from a SharePoint List (Part II)

In the first part of this tutorial I added a condition to a simple Flow to prevent duplicate Contacts in CRM. To complete this Flow, I’ll add actions to the condition to update existing CRM Contacts with matching email addresses. This tutorial assumes you have a working Flow between SharePoint online and Dynamics 365 (online).

  1. Access My Flows and open the Flow between SharePoint online and Dynamics 365 labeled, “When an item is create -> Create a new record
  2. Edit the flow and click on the More button in the No result of the Condition.  In the menu, select the Add an apply to each item.
  3. In Apply to each, select the value (List of Items) under Dynamic content.
  4. Once the value has been selected, click on the Add an action button.
  5. In the action, search for Dynamics 365 update and select Dynamics 365 – Update a record

  6. Fill in the Organization Name and select the Contacts entity.  In the Record identifier field, find the Contact item.
  7. Fill in the remaining CRM Contact fields with the SharePoint fields.
  8. Now click on the Update flow button at the top of the page.

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